Case Studies

Project 1: Creating a Digital Garage for Automotive

A digital product designed to empower millions of UK drivers.


Our client, a leading advertising publisher, wanted to use technology to create a more seamless, customer-centric experience for UK drivers.


Changing the automotive market​

The clients goal was to imprint on the UK’s drivers, and to lay the foundation for future generations – helping them to get on the road and understand the complex world of managing vehicles. Client: (Formerly

How we did it

Workshops & UX Research

Using user experience methodologies and stakeholder workshops, we interviewed more than 4000 users to understand their pain points when interacting with car ownership in the UK.

Solutions Creation

These problems included a disjointed process for managing key maintenance and legal responsibilities for car owners - leaving them vulnerable to missing key dates and frustrated when it came to managing more than one vehicle. Insights informed our design of the Digital Garage: an easy-to-use portal for the full car ownership cycle.

Scope for Build

The system can manage key dates, tasks, vehicles and agreements, providing a top-level view of a person or family's vehicles. Our client estimates that the digital product will enable the next generation of drivers to understand the complex motoring landscape.

Automotive advertising just got an upgrade

Excitement fosters engagement. Engagement powers loyalty. Loyalty empowers brands.

“As a user I love how this feels. It's easier than ever to manage what I need for my car”
Samantha S.
“Thanks Regit for giving me a really easy way to manage my family's vehicles”
Tim E.
“We've got more ways to target our customer than ever. It's great to know what the really want”
Jessica B.


Marketing Automation Platform

Enabling a Centralised Platform for Marketing Automation.

Our client had a clear vision to enable Demand Generation from a single marketing platform. Making their communications relevant and targeted was at the core of their requirements. Challenges included managing to deploy cohesive design and strategy across multiple industry verticals without the organisational challenges of dealing with large and globally-spread design, development and marketing teams.

We enabled agile development practices by implementing a no-code development solution combined with a pre-verified design system containing all of their approved marketing assets. This platform enabled quick deployment to multiple industry verticals, personalisation to their target audience regardless of its size, and an instant snapshot of progress across the entire marketing system. This enabled the company to start agile-marketing - testing new ideas and features seamlessly and cohesively - something which is often lost in multi-national corporations due to natural diseconomies of scale.


Corporate Website

Simplifying the Customer Onboarding Experience.

The challenge: a TV campaign to a new and varied audience was upcoming, but users were struggling to find the content they needed on the website and engagement was dropping. User Experience Workshops uncovered the problem, and the solution. For many users, the website was over facing and it was difficult to see which products were suitable for them. We worked with the company to identify and prioritise user and stakeholder needs in tandem.

Key methodologies were utilised to justify content decisions. Key features were grouped and re-positioned to users. We simplified the homepage whilst better conveying the USPs of the company. We also implemented a framework for the product landing pages which grouped in a way which made sense to the users. The interface was made more intuitive and usable. The website was redesigned as per our framework and the company launched a successful campaign, seeing revenues rise and customer frustration fall.


Work Deck