Digital Product Consultancy

Over-faced by your Product Development Roadmap?

We help organisations to accurately scope, plan and manage the process of creating or improving a digital product.

What we offer

Solutions for your Digital Product Needs

A digital product is any kind of software enabled product which is designed to enable businesses and consumers to perform a particular task. ProductLab is passionate about developing digital products and strategies that allow our clients to scale their business online and enhance their operations.


We help organisations develop a digital product strategy which mirrors their business strategy. We ask the right questions, and guide your ideas with concrete methodologies and suggestions.


Organisations build digital products - not product consultants. We work with our clients to develop skills, processes and cultures which allow them to solve business problems with their digital products.


Working with our key development partners, we take an iterative and agile approach to building and deploying digital products. From here we iterate to create future enhancements.

About us

We make Digital Products & Build user Experiences

ProductLab offers digital strategy consulting and product design consultancy. We’ve worked with a number of nationally and globally recognised brands including Regit, Shepherds Friendly, Couchbase, and Palo Alto Networks to design and deploy products that the world demands today.

Our Specialism

Consultancy for your next Digital Product

These types of products can include websites, mobile apps, digital tools, specialist software, and anything else that supports B2B and B2C communication and productivity. Our consultants work with you through the process of planning, designing and implementing any type of digital product or strategy, and go the extra mile to provide ongoing support and maintenance.

Concept Review

Having your concept reviewed and your idea validated and priced

Software Design

Working with trusted partners, we connect you with Designers & Developers

Cyber Security

In a web-based world, your organisation should consider security in its products

Why us

We can validate your product concept and make it a reality

We help organisations develop a digital product strategy which mirrors their business strategy. To do this, we leverage a cluster of capabilities—in human-centred design, product engineering, product management, cybersecurity, Analytics, AI and Machine Learning and agile ways of working. But we aren’t just designers and builders. We’re facilitators.

This is a crucial component of our approach: embedding the processes and technology that let clients take control of—and continually improve—their digital products.

Trusted by top global business organizations


Frequently asked questions

Building a corporate application is complex. A Digital Product Consultant will review your needs, scope your requirements and gather accurate quotes on your behalf.

Traditionally internal managers hired groups of staff from an agency, hired middle management – and told everyone what they expected.

We’ve flipped this model. Idea first, accurately scope second, then use hybrid recruitment/development agencies to place the correct talent and manage all of the HR & Development needs. 

The model of software development is changing. Contract rates for high-quality developers are higher than ever, and now Permanent staff are expecting similar salaries.

The safest way to navigate these complexities and protect your budget is to bring in a Product Consultant to scope, then let one of our hybrid recruitment/development agencies manage the project.

When staff are in-house on contract, or permanent, you’re responsible for every aspect of their management and QA. Working with expert agencies and partners who specialise in product development means you shift the accountability to experts. They’ll check in daily, fix problems before they arise, and ensure your project is fit for purpose.


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