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A digital product is more than a user experience or a tech solution. It’s an opportunity to deliver—and gather—the value that matters most.

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Digital Products

Digital products are the connecting fabric of high-performing organisations. Whether it’s a customer self-service product, or a dashboard to monitor your supply chain, the best digital products support business growth and differentiation, and instil corporate resilience to market forces. They are at the heart of strategy and goal execution.

THe key is

Our Approach

The key is to build the right things in the right ways, and to do this in a simple and easy to maintain way. That means linking digital products with business value so that they deliver the experiences—and results—that matter to your business. It means grounding products in human-centred design so that they speak to users. And it means using an agile approach to accelerate delivery timelines.

To deploy a successful and well-rounded digital product

Our Methodologies


Involving the client in all major aspects of product development, we encourage collaboration to achieve a vision which you're proud to portray.


Ensuring that product quality and effectiveness are not sacrificed at any point during the process is paramount. A good product is checked continually to ensure quality.


Using agile methodology to constantly identify and resolve product issues, which allows for client and consultant testing, for complete transparency.


To find and implement cutting-edge technology and ideologies into all of our digital products and strategies.

Case Study:

Creating a Digital Garage for Automotive

Our client, a leading advertising publisher, wanted to use technology to create a more seamless, , customer-centric experience for UK drivers…


Our Impact on Digital Product Strategy

Creating the correct digital product strategy requires experience in emerging technologies, markets, and new working styles. Our team includes thought leaders and experts who have worked to develop strategies and products which are fit for purpose.

Our unique approach to digital product strategy allows us to develop and deliver digital products which differentiate our clients and create lasting organisational change.

Our clients


“We'd worked with others before, but it was clear that Stratus is different. They exceeded our expectations throughout the whole process. Our results speak for themselves.”
Joan Sanders
"From the first meeting through to the completion of our campaign, we appreciated their hands-on approach and attitude. We couldn't be happier with the results."
Benjamin Myer
"The clarity that the Stratus team has provided to us is invaluable. We've been working with the team for over five years now; we keep coming back because they always deliver!"
Sandra Tate

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